Dec 12, 2010; Newark, NJ, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (left) battles New Jersey Nets small forward Quinton Ross (right) for position at the Prudential Center. New Jersey Nets fall to the Los Angeles Lakers 99-92. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers Live Notes

Tonight, your New Jersey Nets take on the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center. I will post my thoughts at the end of each quarter.

First quarter
  • Petro is awful. He is not playing at the level he’s played the past few games.
  • Nice Hump dunk by Humphries.
  • Gerald Green is the Nets’ offense right now. He is so good at midrange jumpers.
  • Kobe hasn’t killed the Nets, but Ramon Sessions has. Where is the defense, Nets?
  • Wow, how did D Will miss that layup?
  • Such a ridiculous buzzer beater by Josh McRoberts. That actually hurts.
Second quarter
  • Pau Gasol and Ramon Sessions are still ripping apart the Nets. Kobe has done little.
  • Why do I get the feeling that this is all Petro’s fault? I mean, his defense has looked either suspicious or clearly terrible the entire half. He’s missed so many shots and made terrible passes on offense. His rebounding has been pathetic as well. Coach Avery, please take Petro out and put in Jordan Williams.
  • Deron Williams has just made a frustration lay-up. It’s one of those plays where he runs up the court, barely looks at his teammates, and scores early in the shot clock. We were seeing these types of plays very frequently before the 3 game winning streak.
  • I really like Gerald squared – Gerald Wallace and Gerald Green.
  • Oh my god. Our defense is so bad it can’t even stop Troy Murphy.
  • Great play by Sundiata Gaines to end the half. We’re only down by 13 – it could be worse.
First half statistics
  • For the Nets, Gerald Green leads the team with 13 points and Humphries has 6 rebounds. As a team, the Nets only have 12 rebounds.
  • The Lakers have secured double the amount of rebounds the Nets have, with 24. They are shooting 66% from the field (wow, that is ridiculously high) and collectively have 18 assists. Sessions leads his team with 8 assists (OMG) and Gasol has 18 points. Sessions and Bryant have 12 points each. The rest of the team has pretty much done nothing.
Third quarter
  • It seems like every Nets player, except Johan Petro, has been injured this season. This trend is no more. Petro gets poked in the eye and curls up on the floor in pain. I wonder if he’ll see the same specialist that Shelden Williams saw a few days ago when Tyler Hansbrough poked him in the eye. Feel better soon, Pet.
  • It seems like its Groundhog Day. The Nets keep cutting the lead to 10, then the Lakers go on a run and bring the lead back to 15 or more. Out of the blue, Metta World Peace just hit 2 three pointers in row to bring the game back to a 14 point game.
  • Morrow really needs to be more reliable from 3 land. He’s had trouble finding his range too often this season.

My live notes end here. Jonah is working on his game recap and will talk about the fourth quarter there.

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