Nets-Knicks Rivalry is Already Beginning

With the New York Knicks one game away from being eliminated from the playoffs and the Nets officially in Brooklyn, the hype of the rivalry between the two teams for next year has already begun. As you can see from the picture above, Knicks fans are not happy about the Nets invading their territory and they obviously would have preferred the Nets staying in New Jersey.

I have a few things to say about this. First of all, you spelled “borough” wrong. That is especially embarrassing because you are trying to prove how much of a “New Yorker” you are. Secondly, New York is big enough for two teams. There are 8 million people in this city, and obviously not every basketball fan can fit into the 20,000 seats at Madison Square Garden. The Nets will hopefully take the 2.5 million in Brooklyn, and maybe a bit of Manhattan too. The Knicks can have the rest, including Staten Island (ew). Also, there is nothing wrong with a good rivalry. In every major sport except for basketball (until now), New York has always had 2 teams: the Yankees and Mets, Giants and Jets, Rangers and Islanders. It is about time that basketball has caught up to the rest of the sports in the city.

Even though I disagree with the Knicks fans that posted this picture and think that Brooklyn belongs to the Knicks, I’m happy that this picture was created. It shows that they are scared. They are afraid that the Brooklyn Nets will take over New York, just like Stephen A. Smith predicted. If Knicks fans were confident that bandwagon basketball fans wouldn’t hop over to the Nets, they wouldn’t have bothered saying that they own Brooklyn. Of course, the Nets won’t get any bandwagon fans unless they can put together a good team next year, and we won’t know anything about that until at least July.

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