April 4, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Hornets shooting guard Eric Gordon (10) during a game against the Denver Nuggets at the New Orleans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Could Eric Gordon be Brooklyn's Plan B if Deron Williams leaves?



Much has been made of the Deron Williams free agency situation. Will the Nets be able to convince him to remain in Brooklyn for the next several years? Or will he break Nets fans hearts and bolt to his hometown, Dallas? The Lakers have surfaced as a rumored possibility in recent days. There has not been a whole lot of talk about what Billy King and the Nets might do if their worst nightmare is realized this July. Plenty of people have been quick to throw out how terrible the team would be when they open Brooklyn but most have not pondered what specific moves might be made in this event.

I am going to throw out a rumor I have heard recently from a credible source.Again, this is just a rumor about one move the Nets would look to pull off in a damage control situation. If the Nets lose Deron Williams in free agency, they will look to make New Orleans Hornets guard Eric Gordon far richer than he probably deserves to be.

This move makes sense for a team needing a marketable star to draw in fans, but that’s about it. Brooklyn would certainly have to overpay to pry Gordon away, as he is a restricted free agent. New Orleans can match any offer he receives. With a team like the Indiana Pacers also rumored to be interested in Gordon’s services, the Nets would most likely have to offer him a max deal or something very close to it. This is entirely too much money to invest in a player who spent most of last season in a fancy suit as opposed to a basketball uniform.

Adding Eric Gordon would create a log jam at the shooting guard position with MarShon Brooks and Anthony Morrow already in the mix. This would simply be a desperate move to soften the blow of losing a franchise player like Williams. Gordon is a wonderful player but it makes no basketball sense to waste that much precious cap space on someone who plays a position already manned by two talented young players like Brooks and Morrow. This is a business though and the Nets need to ensure Brooklyn is an immediate success. Hopefully we never have to worry about this doomsday scenario. All signs point to Brooklyn being the clear cut best situation for Deron Williams.

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