Some lower level tickets are already sold out.

Brooklyn Nets Tickets More Expensive

Last Wednesday, the Nets offseason got off to a very rough start when they struck out in the NBA Draft Lottery and surrendered their first round draft pick to the Portland Trail Blazers. As a result, the possibility that the Nets will be terrible next season seems more real than ever before. The general fanbase will be much less tolerant of losses than they have been in past seasons. Here’s why:

Good tickets are expensive!

Above is a screen shot from the Nets’ official website. It shows that the highest seats in section 17, a lower level section behind the basket, are already sold out. This is frightening to me because over the past two seasons, I was almost always able to get tickets there for at most $5 each on StubHub. Now that the Nets are selling tickets, these tickets will cost much, much more than that. Here is a screen shot of the prices the Nets are selling their tickets for:

Brooklyn Nets


This screenshot shows that the worst tickets in the building cost at least $15. The seats I sometimes sat in for $5 last season will cost $285 next season.

Since the tickets are so much more expensive, the atmosphere in the building will be much different. Since people are paying more money, more is at stake at home games. Fans will not be as accepting of pathetic losses as they were in seasons past. The Nets will need to get used to playing under more pressure from the crowd every night. This will take some getting used to.

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