Atlantic Avenue Subway Station Will Be Crowded

Transportation to the Barclays Center will be unusual for many years to come. Brooklyn community leaders have helped prevent the Nets from building parking lots. As a result, there will only be 550 parking spaces available each night. So, Nets fans should plan to get accustomed to the Atlantic Avenue Subway Station. The MTA plans to have plenty of additional trains to take fans to Nets games. The station will look different by opening night because the Nets have paid to construct a subway connection right by their arena.

Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center

The Atlantic Ave. Subway Station is enormous. This station offers the second most amount of subway lines in all of New York City, behind the Times Square Subway Station. The 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q, and R trains all stop at Atlantic Ave. There are also a few Long Island Rail Road trains that stop there. In addition to serving Brooklyn, all of these train lines run to Manhattan. From Manhattan, some go to Queens or the Bronx. Staten Islanders will need to take a ferry before boarding a subway train to the Barclays Center.

Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center

Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center

I have had to navigate the Atlantic Avenue Subway Station many times. I have never gotten lost, but the station can be a little confusing. There are many different platforms that are far from each other. The long walking tunnels between the platforms are usually bustling with commuters. I fully expect the station to get overcrowded before and after games as fans make their way through long walking tunnels and wait for their trains to arrive and depart.

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  • FromRussiaWDunk

    New Yorkers should already be used to this with the Yankees and Mets. Not many people drive to Yankees games, and they typically have twice or three times the crowd that Nets games will have. Also, if they are expanding the station, I don’t expect it to be a problem. 

  • raphaelastrow

    True but the Yankees and Mets’ stations are not major commuter stations with many train lines like the Atlantic Avenue station.

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