Orlando Magic Release Confusing Dwight Howard Shirt

In a move that is sure to backfire, the Orlando Magic (yes, the actual team, not just Magic fans) have released the t-shirt that you see above. In fact, you can even by the shirt from the NBA Store if you wanted to by clicking here. This is of course a reference to Howard’s comments following last season’s NBA trade deadline, where Magic ownership praised Howard for being loyal to the team and not following other superstars to bigger markets. The reason this shirt makes absolutely no sense is because right now, Howard is only under contract with Orlando for one more season. In fact, there have been tons of rumors since the Magic were eliminated from the playoffs that if Dwight does not commit long-term to the team, which he does not seem willing to do, then Orlando will trade him. There have even been reports that Howard wishes he never signed the opt-in to his contract at the deadline and he wishes he was already with another team, like the Nets. Howard can be traded as soon as the NBA Draft, which is in less than a month, and yet the Magic are still praising his loyalty. This seems like a very bonehead move. The only reason I can think of that it makes sense for Orlando is that they know that Dwight is emotionally unstable when it comes to choosing a team and they want to blow up the “loyalty” comments as much as possible to try to make Howard feel bad if he leaves. This is literally a fight between kindergarteners and I am disgusted. Just trade him already, Orlando. At this point, I don’t even care if it’s to the Nets or another team (well I guess I do but that doesn’t matter). I just want the Dwightmare to end already. Just trade him.

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