The Hump's New Girlfriend

Kris Humphries Has a New Girlfriend!

According to Britain’s website, Daily Mail Online, Kris Humphries has a new girlfriend! This is huge news for Kris who is still getting over his nasty break-up and divorce with Kim Kardashian last year. Their relationship famously lasted only 72 days and this was the source of many boos towards Humphries in visiting arenas over the course of the season. I’m glad to see that Humphries has moved on to bigger, but not necessarily better things (I will explain this later).

Here are some facts on The Hump’s new girl: Her name is Fatmire “Myla” Sinanaj and she is 25 years old. She enjoys wearing a lot of makeup like her famous predecesor and she currently works at a hotel. She is an avid tweeter and she has often criticized Kim and her family on twitter. She recently spent a weekend down in Miami with Kris since the Nets’ season has ended. According to some reports, Myla and The Hump have already been dating for 5 months, which is already longer than he was married to Mrs. Kardashian. To read more about this breaking development in Kris’s life, click here.

Now for my thoughts on this new celebrity relationship. First, I’m glad that Kris is dating other people. However, he can do much, much better. Even though Myla might have a similar shallow personality like Kim Kardashian, which Humphries apparently likes, she looks like she came straight out of the Jersey Shore and she looks way too much like Snooki. Also, when I said “bigger but no better” before, I meant that this girl is pretty fat and worse looking than Kim. She’s more like Khloe Kardashian than Kim and Humphries can definitely get a skinnier girlfriend. If I can give The Hump any advice, it would be to not marry this girl. Just look at her and tell me that she would not break up with Kris within the first 4 months of marriage.

Maybe I should become a celebrity gossip writer instead of a sports writer. What do you think?

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