Deron Williams playing in front of the Lakers crowd

Deron Williams Update

Deron Williams has spent the last week in Los Angeles, having fun, chilling, and doing the occasional interview. Even though many Lakers fan would want to believe that Williams is in Los Angeles to be courted by the Lakers, Deron has made it clear that this is not true, sarcastically tweeting, “”riding around LA w/ @jrfarmar. sources say I’m going to the Lakers now”. He also attached a picture. Also of note here is that he is hanging around with current teammate and former Laker/UCLA Bruin Jordan Farmar. I like how Deron is kind of making fun of all the crazy reports that people are saying about him. I believe him when he says that he has not yet made up his decision about where to go, and just because he is in Los Angeles does not mean that he is going to sign with the Lakers. However, and I know Deron will hate me for saying this, it is a little bit interesting that the two American cities that Deron has visited this offseason have been Dallas and Los Angeles. He may want to check out the vibe of these towns before visiting them as a free agent when he is trying to make up his mind, even though he is from Dallas and knows that area well, and has been to Los Angeles many times throughout his NBA career.

Deron was also asked about whether or not he saw Dwight Howard yet, who is also in Los Angeles rehabbing from his back surgery. Deron said that he has been busy since he has arrived and hasn’t had the chance to see his olympic teammate yet. Knowing Deron, he may want to avoid Dwight entirely during his time there, just for the reason that it would create too much media buzz, which Deron doesn’t like. My guess is that even if Deron has seen or will see Dwight, he will not post a picture of it or tweet about it, and he will lie if somebody asks him about it just to not create a story. It is entirely possible that Deron will want to see his former teammate just to catch up and not even talk about basketball or where both of them will play next year, but it is impossible to do this without reports coming up that they want to play together.

Deron still says that the most important aspect of his decision will be a “basketball decision”, meaning that he wants there to be talent around him. Another big factor is that he wants to play in a place where his family will be happy.

Source: Netsdaily

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