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Kris Humphries Asks the FBI For Help

Update: Fatmire Sinanaj is filing a lawsuit against Humphries for lying and committing slander.

Three days ago, we posted that Kris Humphries is in the midst of a serious relationship with Fatmire “Myla” Sinanaj. Without knowing the details, we were skeptical that this relationship would work out. It turns out that there was never a serious relationship and that “Myla” is simply trying to steal money from The Hump.

TMZ reported that Humphries was upset with Sinanaj for spreading false rumors that they were ever in a serious relationship. TMZ also reported that Humphries was trying to get Sinanaj to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that she would stop spreading information while Humphries fights a legal battle with Kim Kardashian. Sinanaj reportedly has texts and documents that Kardashian’s lawyers could against Humphries. Sinanaj apparently refused to sign the agreement. Then, Humphries’ lawyers made a request to the FBI to investigate whether Sinanaj illegally tried to extort money from Humphries.

Without having any reliable information (I do not trust TMZ), I am kind of disappointed in the Hump. He really should not be getting involved with weird people like Sinanaj. Especially since he’s a free agent, it is important for him to not complicate his life off the court. Sinanaj is a hotel clerk and probably has much less money than Humphries. There are many people in the world, like Sinanaj, who want to take advantage of richer people. Humphries should be more selective with who he spends time with.

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  • FromRussiaWDunk

    I’ve never read anything that has surprised me less. The Hump really should no better. Especially in his contract year. Actually, this could turn out to be a great thing for the Nets because they have learned that The Hump’s off-court life doesn’t effect his on-court play, but other teams may not know this. Maybe the Nets can get him for a bargain. 

  • raphaelastrow

    Yeah this might give the Nets a better chance of keeping the Hump.  I think we’ve been hearing so many Ersan Ilyasova rumors because the Nets are worried about overpaying the Hump.  This Fatmire Sinanaj disaster might lower his demand in the free agent market so the Nets can afford to sign him.

  • FromRussiaWDunk

     @raphaelastrow “Disaster” is a good word to describe this situation.