Mirza Teletovic

Mirza Teletovic Options Down to Nets and Cavaliers

Mirza Teletovic’s agent has announced that his client’s choices are down to the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers. Teletovic won the scoring title in the Euroleague last year and would be ready to help contribute to an NBA team as soon as next season. He opted out of his Euroleague contract a few weeks ago when he had to agree to pay $2 million to Caja Laboral of the Euroleague. Last week, Teletovic was considering offers from the Knicks and Suns as well, but he ruled them out because he wanted to go to a rebuilding NBA team. Teletovic still does not know whether he will be in Brooklyn or Cleveland next season.

This was an interesting decision for Teletovic. It is puzzling why he wants to go to a rebuilding team, but maybe he wants this because he doesn’t want the pressure of being on a team expected to win. This decision is good news for the Nets. I thought that the Knicks and Suns, not Cavs, would be the biggest competition for the Nets to get Teletovic, and now both those teams seem to be out of the running. No offense to Cleveland, but what NBA player (or person for that matter) would want to live in Cleveland over New York? And who wouldn’t want to open up the Barclays Center and Brooklyn? I would be surprised to see Teletovic pick the Cavs over the Nets and I expect him to be in a Nets jersey on opening night.

Source: Netsdaily

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  • raphaelastrow

    This is good news I think.  Teletovic would probably make the Nets better.

  • ryanpcarey

    Well – I was born in Cleveland and now live in NY – so I can give you an answer.  Cleveland has a very large and vibrant Russian/Serbian/Bosnian/Lithuanian community. They also have Zydrunas Ilguskas back in the fold as the assistant GM to Chris Grant, which trust me is a plus in their recruiting efforts to land Teletovic, as Big Z can act as a mentor. He will also convey how he is revered as a hero within that large community in Cleveland. You are also assuming that European players have the same desire to live in the big city as American players. He is waiting to see if Deron Williams leaves, which he will, and when he does he’ll be heading to Cleveland.
    Do a little research before you trash a city, if you had you would realize you had missed the other part of the story, rather than just being a homer.