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No sleep til' Deron


They may be small in size, but what they lack in manpower they make up for with passion, loyalty, and knowledge. The Brooklyn Nets fan base has long been criticized for being non-existent and uninterested in supporting their local NBA team, but they never had much of a chance in situated firmly in Knicks territory. What few fans they do have are the kinds of fans that any professional sports franchise can only hope to have as part of their team’s “family”.  These people (myself being one of them) have been through the ringer and are overlooked as far as tortured fans go. Even during the lone period of prosperity, the Jason Kidd Era, the Nets were still squarely hidden in the shadow of the New York Knicks. They reached back-to-back NBA Finals and have won over 40 playoff games this past decade compared to the Knicks 1, yet none of that matters in the eyes of the average NBA follower. Well, all that is about to change…


Brooklyn is going to be huge for this team; no one can really argue that. The question is, will things change immediately? Or are we in for a painful rebuilding effort? The answer to that question will come down to the decision made by one man, Deron Williams. If the soon to be free agent decides to stay with the organization that gambled its future by acquiring him, then Brooklyn will end its 55 year gap without pro sports with a talented team that should finish anywhere from a 3 seed to a 6 seed in the eastern conference, barring any injuries or unforeseen circumstances. If he leaves, Brooklyn is doomed to endure one of the leagues worst teams for at least one season. I am assuming that Gerald Wallace won’t re-sign if DWill bolts in free agency. Here’s where the fans come in…

A group of the Nets faithful followers have started an online movement to try and show Deron Williams how much he means to them and to the city of Brooklyn. The “No Sleep til’ Deron” movement has officially begun, but help is needed to make this thing as successful as can reasonably be expected. You can spread the web address around More importantly though you can take to Twitter to spread the word. Follow @NoSleepTilDeron –!/NoSleepTilDeron . Be sure to use the hashtags #HelloBrooklyn and #HelloDeron. Let’s see how many people want to see Deron Williams become the face of Brooklyn!

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