Jason Kidd showing off the hops during the 2012 Playoffs

Jason Kidd Open to Joining Brooklyn Nets

Former New Jersey Nets superstar Jason Kidd said Monday that he would be interested in returning to the franchise, but only if Deron Williams did as well.  Kidd is no longer the player he once was, to say the least, and understands that he would be more effective as a backup at this point in his career.  “My days of playing 38 minutes are over,” said Kidd. “We (Williams and I) could play off each other and hopefully be successful.”

Kidd was an instrumental member of the Mavericks title run last season, but his role as a distributor/three point specialist differed greatly from his former job running the Nets offense back in the early 2000’s.  The 39 year old has been robbed of the athleticism and speed that set him apart back then, but Kidd still brings many positives to the table, including leadership and his recently acquired three-point stroke.

I see only good things happening if the Nets try to pair up Deron and Kidd.  Deron is an absolute stud, but he lacks the leadership gene that Jason Kidd has possessed (at least on the court) throughout his career.  Should Kidd assume the role of Deron’s backup, the veteran could pass on very valuable skills and knowledge to the perennial All-Star.

Going all out for D-Will is the correct strategy by the Nets, but more than one player is needed for success nowadays.  Experienced guys like Kidd that don’t always contribute much on the floor are valuable in a way that can’t really be measured by statistics.  Take Chauncey Billups as an example.  During the Clippers’ run to the second round of the playoffs this year, he sat on the side while Chris Paul lead the team on the court.  Whenever the Clippers had a timeout, however, all of the players turned to Billups for guidance, not head coach Vinny Del Negro.  Young players rule this league, but the veteran guys that glue them together are the difference between good teams and great teams.  Jason Kidd has proven himself to be a difference maker, and having him on board in Brooklyn would be a great gain for the Nets.

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