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Dallas believes they have a 30% chance at signing Deron Williams


Do the Brooklyn Nets really have a 70% chance of re-signing all-star point guard, Deron Williams? According to Mitch Lawrence, of the New York Daily News, the Dallas Mavericks seem to think so. In the latest edition of his “Slam Dunks”, Lawrence claims that Dallas believes they have a 30-70 chance at signing Williams, but they will pursue him nonetheless. Although he offers no sourcing for this insight, it has to be reassuring to Nets fans to read something positive like this for a change.

Lawrence also mentioned something else that could inspire hope amongst the Nets organization while discussing the Orlando Magic GM hiring: “Oklahoma City assistant GM Rob Hennigan filled the post and we’re assuming that Hennigan is under strict orders from his former boss, Sam Presti , not to trade Dwight Howard to the Lakers, under any circumstances.” If that ends up being the case then you have to like Brooklyn’s odds of ending up with the NBA’s best big man. “When?” and “How?” are the only questions.

Are these positive signs signaling something big on the horizon for the Brooklyn Nets? Or is this just another instance of the organization having its hopes lifted just before they are mercilessly shattered at the last minute? The latter would certainly tie in to this team’s familiar trend, but I am cautiously optimistic that those negative trends and stigmas were bound to the New Jersey Nets, not the Brooklyn Nets. One thing is for sure, it won’t be long now until the fate of this franchise starts to become clear. This is going to be an anxiety riddled week for Net fans.

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