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Brooklyn Nets to Match Any Offers for Brook Lopez

Chris Mannix has reported via twitter that the Nets will do whatever it takes to keep Brook Lopez this offseason and will match any offers from other teams. If Lopez is given an offer by another team, the Nets will have 3 days to match the offer, and if they do not match it, they will lose Lopez. It was previously reported that Lopez expects to be paid between $8-$10 million per year.

One reason for this move by the Nets would be to tell other teams not even to make an offer because the Nets will match it. Many teams have tried this tactic before, and we will wait and see if the teams will take the bait from the Nets and not give Lopez an offer. I predict that he will receive some offers anyway, which could give the Nets a difficult decision.

However, I agree that the Nets must do whatever it takes to keep Lopez. If they lose Deron Williams in free agency, they should resign Lopez because of the amount of cap space they will have. If they are able to retain Deron Williams, they should also sign Lopez to have a nice 1-2 punch at point guard and center, at least until the Nets can land Dwight Howard. Whatever else happens this offseason, expect Lopez to be signed by the Nets.

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