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Will the Nets Re-sign Gerald Green?

With all the moves the Brooklyn Nets have made in recent days, lost in the surprises and celebrations is Gerald Green, who was an offensive spark and energy provider for the Nets in the second half of the season last year. At the end of last season, Green praised the Nets for giving him a second shot at an NBA career and said that he wanted to join the Nets in Brooklyn.

But now it looks like there may not be a spot for Green on the Nets roster. If the Nets don’t make another blockbuster trade for Dwight Howard, Green may not be needed. Let’s look at the guards the Nets have. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson will clearly be the starters, and Brooklyn still wants to develop Marshon Brooks. My guess is that he will come off the bench in a 6th man role to provide an offensive spark, while Gerald Wallace will start at the small forward position. The Nets have also recently added Mirza Teletovic, who is another big scorer.

Right now, the Nets need defence more than offense, and Green is not known for his defensive prowess. He doesn’t really fill a role that the Nets need.

So where will Green sign if not the Nets? The Celtics are one team that has rumored to be interested. If Green joined Boston, he could help get revenge on the Nets in a battle for the Atlantic division. Another team rumored to be interested is the Indiana Pacers. That is a team that is still missing a few pieces, and Green could fit in nicely there.

I am still rooting for Green to be resigned by the Nets because I really like his energy, but at this point, I will be surprised to see it happen.

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