Mirza Teletovic

Mirza Teletovic Confirms Brooklyn Nets Contract

Mirza Teletovic has officially agreed to sign with the Nets next season. Although we don’t yet know how much he will be paid or how much he had to pay his Euroleague team to go to the NBA, we do know that the contract with the Nets will be for 3 seasons.

Teletovic says that signing with the Nets was not about money, but instead about playing time and excitement. He said that Brooklyn is “an ambitious club this summer. It will experience many changes. It will also be a big change for me, but now it’s time to go ahead and fulfill my dream…I played many years in Europe, in the [Spanish] National League on stronger and stronger clubs, so I think I am ready also for the NBA.”

I am happy to hear this positive news from Teletovic, who was the Euroleague’s leading scorer last season when he averaged over 21 ppg. I am also happy that he may not command too much money because he wants the Nets to be able to sign other good players. However, I don’t want Mirza to be disappointed if he doesn’t get much playing time. If the Nets were unable to sign Gerald Wallace and Deron Williams or trade for Joe Johnson, Teletovic could have been the Nets’ best player. But now after the big moves by Brooklyn, Teletovic will not even be starting. In fact, he will probably be the 7th or 8th man behind 5 starters, Marshon Brooks, and maybe Gerald Green.

I am glad that Teletovic was unselfish enough to come to the Nets for less money, but now I just hope he is unselfish enough to play less than 20 minutes per game and not complain.

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