Dwight Howard and Brook Lopez

Decision with Lopez/Howard Fast Approaching

It may be now or never (or December 15th) for the Nets to acquire Dwight Howard. The Nets are preparing to move on and offer Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries contracts unless Orlando makes a decision about their superstar center. Adrian Wojanarowski tweeted: “Brooklyn’s started talks with RFA Brook Lopez on extension, sources tell Y! Could be to stay with Nets or used in sign-and-trade with Magic”. This could mean that the Nets have given the Orlando Magic a deadline about when a deal will get done. Meanwhile, Ken Berger says that the package that the Nets send to Orlando would include 3 first round picks along with other players. The Nets would also have to take on the bad contract of either Hedo Turkoglu or Jason Richardson.

Even though Howard has said that Brooklyn is the only team he wants to play for, most people think that his chances of going to the Nets are still under 50%. If a deal doesn’t get done in the next 2 days at most, I believe nothing will be done until at least December 15th when trades can begin happening.

I’m glad that the Nets appear to be giving Orlando a deadline. I don’t want this hanging over their heads next season like Howard hung over their heads last season and Carmelo Anthony the season before that. The Nets have a good team right now, a team I think should be able to have home court in the first round next season, and they need to move on with Dwight Howard if Orlando doesn’t want to trade him at this time. Also, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez are two very good and valuable players, and it would be nice if the Nets still can keep their draft picks to use for another trade later on.

Source: NetsDaily

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