Brook Lopez

Nets Preparing to Offer Lopez Max Contract

With little progress being made in the Dwight Howard trade scenarios, the Brooklyn Nets are beginning to move on and make other moves. Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets are getting ready to offer restricted free agent center Brook Lopez a max contract, worth either $58 million over 4 years or $75 million over 5 years. However, the Nets want protection because of Lopez’s multiple foot injuries last season, and there may be some clauses in the contract that allow the Nets to not pay Brook if the foot problems continue.

With many good free agency moves and trades made already this offseason by Brooklyn, Lopez (along with Kris Humphries) is the last main piece. I have to assume that this contract talk is real between the Nets and Lopez, although it is possible they are making this public now just to get Orlando to hurry up and trade Dwight Howard to Brooklyn, the only place he wants to play. I believe that if a trade for Howard is not made by the end of the day today, the Nets will resign Lopez and we will all finally wake up from the Dwightmare. At least until December 15th.

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