Jeremy Lin and Deron Williams

Jump on the Brooklyn Bandwagon!

With the news late last night that Jeremy Lin is officially leaving the New York Knicks to sign with Houston, the Knicks upcoming season has instantly become less exciting, interesting, and entertaining. Although I believe that Lin is the most overrated player in the NBA, he was obviously a fan favorite and a guy that sold jerseys and put people in seats. Now, the starting point guard for the Knicks will either be Raymond Felton, who is coming off his worst NBA season and is looking more and more washed up by the day, or Jason Kidd, who is 39 years old and was just arrested for drunk driving.

To make things worse, every where you look on the Knicks roster you see problems or unlikable players. At center, Tyson Chandler is a good defender but is extremely injury prone and is due to get injured. To back him up are two fossils in Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas. At power forward is Amare Stoudemire, who proved his stupidity by punching a fire extinguisher in the playoffs last season and he missed time due to that. At shooting guard is Iman Shumpert, a good defender, but a guy who takes way too many shots and is not even a good shooter. Backing him up is the most selfish bench player in basketball in J.R. Smith. And starting at small forward is the most selfish player in all of basketball and a guy who makes teams worse, Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks clearly do not have a likable team and with all the injuries and lack of talent on the roster, this team should be happy just to make the playoffs.

Also, the Knicks have one of the least likable and worst owners in all of sports. James Dolan is an idiot and he makes the Knicks worse and worse every year and refuses to ever rebuild the roster, even though the Knicks have needed to do so many times since Dolan took over. On the other side of the river is Nets billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who loves dunking, weight lifting, waterskiing, and kick-boxing. And by the way, he is the richest owner in the NBA and is using that money to build a fun and exciting team. I think that this video is all you need to know about the two owners.

Although the Nets have not proven anything yet, they have put together an intriguing roster that I believe can finish as high as second in the east (although they will probably finish closer to fourth). The Nets were able to bring back their entire core from last year, added a star in Joe Johnson, and filled in roles off the bench very nicely. As long as the injury bug does not bite the Nets nearly as hard as it did last season, the inaugural season in Brooklyn should be a great success.

So Knicks fans, if you are tired of watching James Dolan ruin the New York Knicks over and over again, hop aboard the Brooklyn Nets bandwagon before it’s too late. Once the season starts and the Knicks are hovering a little under .500, it will be too late to convert to being a Nets fan. Now is the time. Jump on the Brooklyn Bandwagon!

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