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Jerry Stackhouse: Dwight Howard Could Have Been a Net

One of the newest Nets, 37-year-old Jerry Stackhouse is not only a basketball player, but commentator for NBA TV. At his position on the basketball network, Stackhouse had some interesting comments on the Dwight Howard-Nets situation:

I love him and he’s Superman but I think Superman should have let his agent do the talking. If he had, I think he probably maybe already be in Brooklyn right now. But I think if you go out and call the team out and demand a trade somewhere, they’re not going to just send you there. they’re going to play some games and hopefully get what’s best for them. It’s unfortunate because its a no-win for both sides. He wants to be somewhere and he’s not going to get there and they’re not going to get full value back for him because he’s not going to sign with those other teams.

I agree with most of these comments, although I’m not sure it’s Stackhouse’s job to say them. It is Dwight’s fault that he is not in Brooklyn right now, and if he had let his agent do all the talking, he would probably be a Brooklyn Net. Howard could still end up in Brooklyn, but it will not be until at least January 15th.

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