Dwight Howard

Will There Be Another Dwightmare?!

According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, the Orlando Magic are not planning to trade center Dwight Howard until next season starts. He reported, “the overriding sense is that Howard may not be moved for weeks, if not months.” What this means is that the Dwightmare is not over and that the Nets could get back into the Howard mix on January 15th once Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries can be traded. Until now, it was believed that Howard would be moved prior to the start of next season, either to the Lakers or Rockets, but now this is no longer the case.

This does not make sense for any of the teams involved and I am very upset that the Orlando Magic are making this decision. Their new GM, Rob Hennigan, is already as annoying about moving Howard as Otis Smith was and it is clear that this will not be a short process.

I don’t understand why the Magic want to drag this into the start of next season and have another Dwight cloud hovering over the roster, coach, and GM until Howard is moved. That is what happened last year and they lost in the first round in 5 games. When the Utah Jazz traded Deron Williams to the Nets two years ago, it was a fast move that nobody saw coming and was almost painless. This process has been the opposite and it needs to end.

Also, I think that the Nets have a pretty good team this year and can compete even without Howard. They shouldn’t need Howard to win and they shouldn’t let the Dwight rumors distract them from playing well. And think about this: if the Nets are in first place in the Atlantic Division on January 15th, would you even want them to get Howard? I wouldn’t. When the Knicks got Carmelo Anthony 2 years ago, they had a lot of momentum due to a balanced team and players who fit their roles. Then Carmelo came along and screwed everything up, leading to a sweep in the first round of the playoffs. A similar fate could happen to the Nets if they kill their chemistry for a star.

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