The Battle for New York begins!


The stage is set. Today, it was reported by Al Iannazzone that the Brooklyn Nets will open the 2012-2013 season at home against their rival New York Knicks. Neither team will play during the first two nights of the NBA season, instead they will open up the Barclay’s Center on Thursday, November 1st. The game will be televised nationally on TNT.

When asked if he was excited to open up Brooklyn against the cross-town rival Knicks, Deron Williams had this to say:

“I would be more excited if we were playing Miami.”

Is this a slight against the New York Knicks? Possibly. Deron could be suggesting that the Heat would pose a far more daunting challenge than the Knicks would. Regardless of what he meant, he won’t have to wait long to see how his new look Nets fare against the defending champs, as they play Miami in their second game of the season. It will be one of just three games that Brooklyn will play against Miami during the regular season.

The magnitude of the opening night game against New York can not be understated though. The world is awaiting the battle for New York and this will be a historic game, no matter the outcome. A loss here would be catastrophic for Brooklyn after all the stones they have cast this offseason. I may be in the minority, but I was sincerely hoping that the Knicks would not be the opening night opponent in Brooklyn. If enough Knick fans get tickets to this game (You know they are going to certainly try.) it will take away the Nets home court advantage and mar the beginning of the Brooklyn era of Nets basketball. Anyone who has been paying attention would know that Nets vs. Knicks games in Jersey have essentially been a bonus home game for the Knicks in recent years. Ticket sales and fan support suggests that this will not be the case in Brooklyn, let’s hope this holds true.

How will the Nets brilliant backcourt fare against the Knicks and their big money frontcourt? We will get our first glimpse into this  on November 1st.

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