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Reggie Evans and Deron Williams Talk About Playing In New York

Reggie Evans and Deron Williams have both recently spoken about what playing in New York and Brooklyn means to them. After Evans toured New York and the Barclays Center earlier this month, Evans said, “Who doesn’t want to play in New York? Once you walk outside, you can smell basketball, it screams basketball. It’s basketball heaven up there. You drive around the neighborhoods and see basketball courts everywhere. I can’t wait. It’s going to be great to play in Brooklyn.” Evans can’t wait to play in a basketball town. Evans also said that he thought he would wind up back with the Clippers, but things just didn’t work out for him in L.A. and he is happy to play for the Nets.

Deron Williams talked more about the Nets-Knicks rivalry and what games between the two teams will be like. Deron said that he likes the idea of playing against New York on opening night and he said, “It’s going to be great. It’s going to be special. Number one, just to open the arena is going to be a great experience. And playing against the Knicks just gives it that much more meaning.” When asked about the concern of Knicks fans invading the Barclays Center on opening night, Deron replied, “When we come to the Garden there are going to be Nets fans there. So it’s going to be different.” He knows that there will be a few Knicks fans in Brooklyn on opening night. But he also knows that when the Nets visit the Knicks, Brooklyn fans will be rooting for their team too, wearing the black and white.

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