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Brooklyn Nets Uniforms To Be Unveiled September 28th

The Brooklyn Nets announced yesterday that their brand new uniforms for the 2012-13 season and beyond will be unveiled on September 28th, which is in less than a month from now. This date also happens to be the same day that the Barclays Center will be opening, leading some to question if the two things will be related. I believe that they probably will be, and Jay-Z’s concert that night will probably be related to the new uniforms. The Nets have a lot of options with how they want to unveil the jerseys. I will go through a few of them now.

1. Have a boring ceremony where the jerseys are revealed before the concert. Players might come out wearing the jerseys with Bruce Ratner, Avery Johnson, Billy King, Jay-Z, and Mikhail Prokhorov in attendance. This will be the least interesting way for the uniforms to be unveiled.

2. Jay-Z can come out wearing a Nets jersey at his concert. This will be pretty fun, but I think there are better ways it can be done.

3. Mikhail Prokhorov comes out wearing a Nets jersey at Jay-Z’s concert. This will be very unexpected and funny. I really don’t think this will happen.

4. Nets players go on stage at the concert wearing the jerseys. I think this is the most likely scenario. It will probably happen towards the end of the concert and it will also give the concert a very Nets-feel, which is what the Barclays Center wants. If you are a Knick fan attending the concert because you want to see Jay-Z, it will be hard to not become a Nets fan.

Whatever way the Nets choose to unveil the new uniforms, expect a lot of buildup and excitement leading to it.

So what will the actual jersey look like? We know that the home jersey will be white and the road jersey will be black, but the Nets have not given us any more details. Three pictures have been circulating on the internet after a leak by the video game NBA 2K13. You can see the photos below. If these pictures are correct, it will mean that the Nets will have two road jerseys or one road and one alternate jersey. The jersey in the top picture (#23) is pretty boring and simple, but I think I like it better than the lower two pictures. The reason for this is the collar, which can be seen on #30. I really don’t think it looks very good and I hope this isn’t the real uniform. From behind (#2), the jersey looks very good and unique.

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