#7 Joe Johnson

Brooklyn Nets Announce Player Numbers

Over the weekend, the Nets announced which players will be wearing which numbers at the start of the 2012-13 season. Below is a list of every player with their number and after that I will talk about some of the more interesting number choices.

#0 Andray Blatche. 

#1 C.J. Watson. 

#2 Josh Childress.

#7 Joe Johnson.

#8 Deron Williams.

#9 Marshon Brooks.

#10 Keith Bogans.

#11 Brook Lopez.

#20 Tornike Shengelia.

#30 Reggie Evans.

#33 Mirza Teletovic.

#41 Tyshawn Taylor.

#42 Jerry Stackhouse. 

#43 Kris Humphries.

#45 Gerald Wallace. 

  • Not surprisingly, the Nets have 6 players with single-digit numbers. However, it is surprising that they only have 3 players with numbers between 12 and 40 and 4 players between 41 and 45.
  • I am a little bit concerned with Andray Blatche’s choice of the number 0. The most famous player to wear this number is Blatche’s former teammate Gilbert Arenas, and we all hope that Blatche does not turn out like the former “Agent 0″. I suppose that this is Blatche’s way of starting fresh.
  • Josh Childress has worn the number 1 his entire career, but wasn’t able to get it in Brooklyn because C.J. Watson got to it first. Childress will have to settle for number 2.
  • Speaking of #2, Joe Johnson switched from #2, which he wore in Atlanta, to #7. He could have taken 2 if he wanted it, but I think that Joe, like Andray Blatche, wants to start fresh with a new number.
  • Marshon Brooks, who wore #2 in college, decided to stick with his NBA #9 in Brooklyn. However, Brooks’s twitter username is still “@Marshon2″. I thought he would switch with Jordan Farmar out of town, but he will remain at #9.
  • Keith Bogans wore #6 in the few games he played with the Nets last season. This year he will switch to #10.
  • Tornike Shengelia has worn 20 for most of his European career, but wore #31 in the Nets summer league. He will go back to #20 for Brooklyn this season.
  • Mirza Teletovic has worn #12 for his entire life, but will switch to #33 for the Nets this season. That is very interesting. Maybe he thinks he will make a lot of 3′s, so 33 makes sense, especially because the Nets’ #3 is retired.
  • Tyshawn Taylor will be wearing the number that he was drafted at, #41. Players often do this when they feel that they should have been taken higher in the draft. Let’s hope that Tyshawn is on a mission to prove the 29 teams that passed on him wrong.
  • Jerry Stackhouse will be the first professional player to wear the #42 in Brooklyn since Jackie Robinson. I thought the Nets should have retired the number this season, but they are letting Stackhouse wear it. He has worn the number his entire career and he wears it to honor Robinson.

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  • raphaelastrow

    Andray Blatche wearing #0 will take some getting used to.

  • Patrick Oliver

    Welcome Nets!
    Go Nets!