Brooklyn Nets jersey leak

Are These the New Brooklyn Nets Jerseys?

According to Nets insider eLonePB’s twitter page, the first real Brooklyn Nets jersey has been leaked. You can see the picture of the jersey above. If these are the real jerseys, and all indications say that they are, I really like what the Nets did with them. They are very simple, but that was expected. There is a white v-neck collar, while the rest of the uniform is black. The word “Brooklyn” is arched across the chest with the player’s number underneath. There is nothing spectacular or ground-breaking about this jersey, but I really like it.

The Nets could have went a few ways with this jersey, and I think they made the right decision by keeping it simple. Some people thought they would have a two-tone jersey with white around the shoulders on the black jersey and black around the shoulders on the white jersey. Others thought that the player number may be inside the Nets shield. 

We will see the debut of these jerseys on October 13th in Atlantic City when the Nets face the 76ers in a preseason game.

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