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Brooklyn Nets to be on SI Cover

According to NetsDaily, some members of the Brooklyn Nets will be on both the Sports Illustrated cover and the Sports Illustrated Kids cover in October when SI does its NBA preview issue. We do not yet know which Nets will be on the cover (we can assume that at least Deron Williams will be there), but the pictures for the photos will be taken next Monday, which is Nets media day.

When SI puts a team on the cover in one of its preview issues, that almost always means that they expected big things from that team over the course of the year. That’s good news for the Nets. The last time a Net graced the cover of SI, it was way back in the early 2000’s when Kenyon Martin was called a “bad boy”.

We will likely see the Nets in their new uniforms in the magazine cover. The new uniforms will be released tonight at Jay-Z’s opening concert.

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