Grading the Brooklyn Nets New Uniforms

The Brooklyn Nets new uniforms

At Jay-Z’s opening night concert at the Barclays Center last night, he also introduced the Nets’ new uniforms. The home version is white and the road version is black, as expected. These jerseys did not come as a surprise at all and were already leaked at least three times. The first leak came when a picture of a toy Deron Williams wearing a Nets jersey was shown. Then, an Adidas employee took a photo of the new jerseys last week. Lastly, the uniforms were shown in a preview of the video game NBA 2K13. You can see the new uniforms above. Now I will go into detail about what I like and dislike about the jerseys.

As expected, the uniforms are very simple, and I like this. Jay-Z wanted to create a uniform that would never need to be changed, like his favorite baseball team, the Yankees’ uniforms. I don’t anticipate any changes at all to these uniforms at least in the next 10 or 15 years. Jay-Z took a much different approach than many other teams in the NBA. For example, the Charlotte Bobcats have been around for less than 10 years and have already had 3 completely different jersey designs. Many people think that the Nets’ jersey and logo is boring, and I would not completely disagree with that. However, there are a few interesting aspects of this jersey. You can see one of these additions below. On the back of the uniform, there is a Nets “B” logo, with the Brooklyn “B” in a basketball. This will appear above the players’ name on the back of the uniform. I think that adds a really nice touch to the uniform. That “B” logo is my favorite Nets logo and it’s perfect for that spot of the uniform.

Another addition is the design on the side paneling and letters. You can see the design below. It is the same Herringbone design as the court at the Barclays Center, which I think is pretty cool.

If I had to grade this uniform, I would give it a B+. I agree with many of the critics of the uniform, that it is a bit boring. One thing the Nets could have done to make it more interesting would be to put the uniform number inside of part of their logo, much like the Golden State Warriors do. If the Nets were to do this, it would add some flair to the uniforms, while still keeping them classic. This is a good example of how they could have done this. Even though the uniform isn’t perfect, it’s good enough for me and a huge improvement on the design that the Nets have had their last few seasons in New Jersey.

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