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Nets Check-in at #12 in ESPN's First Power Rankings

In the training camp edition of the NBA power rankings, the first power rankings of the year, the Brooklyn Nets come in 12th in the NBA and 5th in the eastern conference. ESPN’s Marc Stein creates these rankings based on his opinions of the teams.

In my opinion, this ranking is a little bit too low for the Nets. I would rank them somewhere in the 8-10 range right now. Although the Nets are ranked much higher than they were last season, I can’t understand why Stein puts the 76ers, Mavericks, and Grizzlies higher than the Nets. Here is what Stein had to say about Brooklyn:

OK, OK: They didn’t get Dwight. But the Nets did just enough, by trading for Joe Johnson and signing a slew of others, to convince D-Will to stay, ship a watchable team to their gleaming new Brooklyn palace and give themselves a shot at finishing higher than the Knicks. It’s a start.

Stein mentions the Knicks in this short paragraph, and in the first power rankings, the Nets are rated one spot above the Knicks. He also said that Joe Johnson was “just enough” to get Deron Williams to stay. He doesn’t seem to think that JJ will be a great addition to the team. We will see the Nets in action for the first time on October 13th in a preseason game with Philadelphia.

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