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Nets Show Great Confidence at Media Day

Monday was another milestone in this important offseason for the Brooklyn Nets: Media Day. And the Nets used this opportunity to show just how confident they are heading into the season. Even though some believe that this team will barely be able to sneak into the playoffs, the Nets are thinking championship. This year.

“This year, the sky’s the limit for us. Hopefully, we can jell a lot faster than what people think. I think it’s wide open for us. I think we’ve got a chance to win the whole thing this year. I’m not just saying that. I honestly believe it”, said 6-time all-star Joe Johnson.

Even Avery Johnson, who last month said that he did not believe that the Nets were a championship-level team, thinks that they can do it this year. Coach Avery changed his opinion by saying that the Nets are not championship contenders right now, but by the end of the season “we will be.”

During Avery’s press conference, Deron Williams pretended to be a reporter in the crowd and asked his coach, “Who has the best team in New York?” This is a question which has probably annoyed the Nets over the last few months, and Avery Johnson used this opportunity to tell the media that he is not concerned with being the best team in the city. He wants to be a part of the best team in the NBA (which would mean that they would also be the best team in New York, but that’s besides the point).

Even though I like the confidence that the Nets are displaying, this is a little bit worrisome to me. Even if the Nets truly think that they can win a championship this year, I think that that is something that they can keep to themselves. There is no reason for them to put a target on their backs.

Even though the Nets have a completely remade team, they have not had a winning season since 2007 and their coach has never won more than 24 games with the Nets. Let’s hope that they show the right amount of confidence and not too much, because this is a talented team that should be able to win a lot of games.

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