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Deron Williams Explains Reasoning Behind Ditching Dallas

Deron Williams is definitely a happy Brooklyn Net now, and there is no debating that. But why didn’t he want to sign with his hometown Dallas Mavericks team? Part of that question may have been answered after Monday’s practice in East Rutherford, New Jersey, when Deron was asked about Dallas.

Williams said that one of the main reasons he did not choose Dallas was that Mavs owner Mark Cuban did not go to meet with him. Instead he was filming his television show “Shark Tank” in California. Deron had some questions for Cuban that were not answered about the Mavericks’ future during his interview, so Deron may have made the safer and more comfortable decision by signing with Brooklyn.

Dallas also was reportedly going to give Williams $5 million less than a max-contract even though he is a top-10 NBA player (at least according to NBA rank).

After Deron decided to ditch Dallas and re-sign with Brooklyn, Cuban claimed that the Mavericks are better off without Williams, even though that is most definitely not true. When asked about Cuban’s opinions of him, Deron said that Cuban does this kind of thing with all players that decide to either leave or not sign with Dallas, most recently Jason Kidd.

Cuban seems to act like a sore loser whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, and it seems like another case of that with Williams because the Mavs would clearly be better off with Deron than their current starting point guard, Darren Collison.

This blossoming rivalry between the Nets and Mavericks is something that we have never seen in professional sports: a rivalry between owners. The owners of both teams are outspoken and very confident, and this year, both teams have championship aspirations.

The first meeting between the Nets and Mavs will be on March 1st at Barclays Center on ESPN.

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