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Brooklyn Nets in National News Again

The national exposure just keeps on rolling in for these Brooklyn Nets. First, Sports Illustrated released its cover and lead story about Brooklyn basketball and the Nets coming to town. Now, NBA TV and ESPN’s Sports Center have major pieces about the Nets.

NBA TV will feature the Brooklyn Nets on its show “The Association” beginning next Tuesday. They recently released a preview of the first episode, which you can see here. The episode focuses on the introduction of Brooklyn’s Backcourt from last July and it shows interviews with Avery Johnson, Deron Williams, and Joe Johnson. Also, we should expect an inside look at the rookies, including Tyshawn Taylor’s path to the NBA.

Sports Center’s piece talks about what the Nets will mean to the borough of Brooklyn and shows interviews with Kris Humphries, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez, and Avery Johnson. It also talks about the Nets’ budding rivalry with the New York Knicks and what this rivalry will mean to both fans and players alike. Avery Johnson talks about how his favorite part of the new arena is that the fans will actually be rooting for the Nets, unlike in New Jersey when on some nights the fans were rooting for the visitors. Deron Williams, when asked if he would have stuck with the team if they had stayed in New Jersey, said that there would have been a 0% chance of him staying because of the losing culture and lack of fans. You can see Sports Center’s video here.

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