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Brooklyn Nets Pick Up Marshon Brooks' Third Year Option

The Brooklyn Nets announced on Friday that they will pick up Marshon Brooks’s contract option for next season. As a first round pick, he has team options in both his third and fourth years and the contract is favorable to the Nets at only 1.2 million owed to Brooks next season. The Nets will need to decide if they want to give him a fourth year before next season. Last season with the New Jersey Nets, Marshon averaged 12.6 ppg and 3.6 rpg in 29 minutes.

In other Marshon Brooks news, before the season, Marshon said that his goal is to win the NBA’s sixth man of the year award. At this point, he will be happy just to be the sixth man on the team. Head coach Avery Johnson said about the sixth man role, “We’re not going to box ourselves in. It’d be great if it was the sixth-man role (for Brooks)…So we’ll just see how it goes.”

This has become an issue for the Nets because Avery Johnson has chosen Joe Johnson to lead the Nets’ second unit. Johnson plays the same position as Brooks, so it will be hard to have them on the floor at the same time.

Marshon has had a rough couple of months since the end of last season. First, there were all the Dwight Howard trade rumors that surrounded him. Then, he played very poorly for the Nets’ Orlando summer league team. Finally, he got injured at the beginning of training camp and didn’t get as much practice as some of the other guards in the rotation. Hopefully Marshon has not fallen into Avery Johnson’s doghouse.

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