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Avery Johnson Defines Success and Failure for Nets

With the regular season just around the corner for the Brooklyn Nets, Avery Johnson responded to a question asked recently by Stephen A. Smith. How would this season be considered a success and how would it be considered a failure? Although Coach Avery would not give a number of wins that he expected the Nets to win (some players have said at least 50 wins), Avery did say that he would consider home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs a success and that it is “fair to say” that missing the playoffs would be a failure.

Avery also said that in order to get home court advantage, the key would be for the Nets to improve their defense. He said, “we have to be in the top third defensively. We have to make moves in that area. If we do, the wins will come”. When talking about Brooklyn’s offense, Johnson praised the versatility of the lineup saying that all five players on the floor can dribble, pass, and shoot.

I agree with Avery’s constitutions of success and failure. If the Nets are able to grab a top-4 seed in the eastern conference, that will surpass the expectations that many have had of the team and if they were to miss the playoffs entirely, all Nets fans would be very disappointed.

For me, I would be happy if the Nets just made the playoffs. After watching other teams participate in the playoffs for the last five seasons, I just want the Nets to finally get back there, because anything can happen in the playoffs. Home court advantage would just be a bonus.

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