Brooklyn Nets Introduce BrooklyKnight

Just prior to the Brooklyn Nets’ home opener last night, they introduced their new mascot the BrooklyKnight (like Brooklynite). The Nets claim that he is the first superhero mascot in the NBA. He was introduced by descending from the rafters onto the court. Fans in attendance to this game got a comic book featuring the BrooklyKnight. The comic book was designed by Marvel Comics. Brook Lopez, a big fan of comic books, may have had an influence on the new mascot, too.

This BrooklyKnight is a big change from the Nets previous mascot, Sly Fox. He also doesn’t exactly fit into everything else the Nets have done to change their image. The Nets colors and uniform are very basic and sleek. This mascot is flashy and kind of crazy looking. It will take me some time to get used to seeing him instead of Sly at Nets games.

To watch a video of BrooklyKnight’s first appearance, click here. 

To see the comic book that fans were given last night, click here. 

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