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Did Deron Williams See a UFO?

Have you ever seen a UFO in New York City? Neither have I. But Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams has. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Deron said that he saw a UFO during the hurricane in New York last week. Do you believe Deron? Here is the transcript of the interview:

GQ: Where were you during the hurricane? What was your Sandy experience like?

We live in downtown Manhattan, so like everybody else downtown, we lost power around 8 p.m. on Monday, and didn’t get it back until the following Saturday. We also had a whole bunch of family in town for the Nets-Knicks game, so we had about thirteen people living with us under our roof. There was nowhere we could all really go because there was no availability in any of the hotels. We had no cell reception, no power, really nothing. It was starting to get really cold. I didn’t even know about all the damage that’d been done until I got the power back and started catching up on everything. We had no Twitter or anything, so I didn’t know the extent of what was going on in Staten Island or the Jersey Shore, or any of the other spots where they got it really bad.

GQ: Was there a particular “New York moment” during the Hurricane? Did you see something that’d made you think, “That’d only happen in this city”?

Well, I don’t know if you’d call this a “New York moment”, but I definitely saw something I’d never seen before. The night all the power went out, I was standing out on my balcony, looking outside the window. Out of nowhere, I saw this big green flash across the sky. It wasn’t lightning. It looked… It looked like a UFO.

GQ: Nice. What was it really?

A UFO. I’m telling you, man.

GQ: You really think it was a UFO?

I don’t know, man. I’d never seen anything like that before.

For the full interview, click here. 

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