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Brooklyn Nets Even Practice At Barclays Center

The Brooklyn Nets moved into Brooklyn just in time for Hurricane Sandy, but in some ways that is a good thing.

The Nets’ practice facility in New Jersey, the PNY Center, is still underwater and the damages are more extensive than most people believed at first. Now, the Nets will not be able to practice there until January and have moved all their practices to the Barclays Center. The Nets have been practicing on both the main court at Barclays Center and the practice court, which was originally only meant only for quick shootarounds and walk-throughs.

The Nets have been looking to build a new practice facility in Brooklyn or Manhattan since the beginning of this year but have yet to find the right location. Until that facility is built, they will continue practicing in New Jersey once the damages to PNY Center are repaired.

This is another reason why the Nets are thankful they have moved to Brooklyn. Just imagine if this hurricane came last season. With the practice facility underwater, the Nets would have had no place to practice. The Prudential Center probably would not have let them practice there and it doesn’t have a practice court anyway. Who knows where the Nets would have been practicing.

Nets players and coaches are trying to take away the positives from practicing in Brooklyn. It means they are spending more time in their home borough and are becoming more familiar with the arena.

The Nets will host Cleveland at Barclays Center tonight.

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