Deron Williams and Joe Johnson in the 2011 all-star game

Five Brooklyn Nets Make All-Star Ballot

If you pick up a copy of this year’s NBA all-star ballot, you will see all five Brooklyn Nets starters on the ballot for the first time in who knows how long. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson are listed as backcourt players, while Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, and Brook Lopez are in the frontcourt. You can vote for the NBA all-stars here.

The Nets already have three all-stars on their roster. Joe Johnson has been selected to the team each of the last six seasons. Deron Williams has made the team three times. Gerald Wallace made it once when he was in Charlotte. Deron made the team last year with the Nets, but before him no Net had made the team since Devin Harris in 2009. The all-star game will take place this year in Houston on February 17th.

All-star voting is a popularity contest and the best players are sometimes not selected. For example, there is a very good chance that Jeremy Lin will be an all-star starter this year even though he is clearly not one of the best two guards in the western conference. However, the voting only determines the all-star starters. The coaches determine the rest of the roster.

It is very unlikely that a Brooklyn Net will be a starter in the game, just because the team is not popular enough yet. But there probably will be at least one Net on the bench. I expect Deron Williams to make the team this year and I would give Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez outside shots, too.

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