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Have you ever tried to visit the Brooklyn Nets website by going to If you have, you probably realized that it did not take you where you wanted to go. In order to get to the Nets’ website, you have to go to and before this season when the Nets were in New Jersey, you have to go to

Before this season, was just a regular website owned by some unknown person. It was not related to the Nets or to the NBA. However, prior to this season, must have been bought by someone else. At the time, many people thought it was either Mark Cuban or a Mavericks fan because it had a picture of Mark Cuban sticking out his tongue and making fun of a Mikhail Prokhorov scandal from a few years ago.

If you visit the site now, it just redirects you to the Manhattan Knicks’ website, Now, people think that the person who owns is a person who wants to make a lot of money from the Brooklyn Nets and is trying to annoy them by linking to their rival team’s site.

According to sources, this plan is not working. Apparently, the person who owns the site wants more than $1 million for the site and Prokhorov is not paying.

Good for him. There is no reason to waste $1 million (more than C.J. Watson’s salary this year) on something as dumb as this. The person who owns the website is very immature and should not demand even close to that amount of money. It is clear that the Nets will not pay this person very much and if they want to continue messing with, they can go right ahead.

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