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Deron Williams 11th in NBA Jersey Sales, Brooklyn Nets 7th

The NBA released its jersey sales up until this point in the season today and Deron Williams checked in at 11th on that list. This is very impressive because the Nets have only been selling their jerseys for less than two months. Had they released them to the public earlier, Deron would probably be much higher on this list. Last year with New Jersey, D-Will did not come close to cracking the top 15 in NBA jersey sales.

The top 3 jersey sellers on this list were to be expected: Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant. Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul round out the top 10.

In terms of team merchandise sales, the Nets come in at #7 behind the Manhattan Knicks, Heat, Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, and Thunder. Last season, the Nets were at the very bottom of the league in merchandise sales. Nobody wanted to buy a shirt of a team that would not exist in one year’s time.

The fact that the Nets have shot up on this list so quickly shows how well their marketing team has done. They have created a color scheme and logo that people all over the country, but especially in New York, want to wear. If the Nets continue playing well, they will continue to rise on this list.

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