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Rajon Rondo Suspended 2 Games After Altercation with Brooklyn Nets

The NBA has announced that Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo has been suspended for 2 games following the altercation that he started with Kris Humphries on Wednesday night in Boston. After a hard-ish foul by Humphries on Garnett (Garnett flopped, too), Rondo shoved The Hump, who shoved him back and a fight between the two teams followed. Read more about that fight here. The Nets won the game 95-83.

In addition to Rondo’s suspension, Kevin Garnett was fined $25,000 for fighting with Gerald Wallace, who was fined $35,000. Wallace also received a flopping warning from the NBA today after a flop towards the end of the Nets’ win over the Manhattan Knicks on Monday night. If Wallace flops again, he will be fined $5,000. Kris Humphries, who received two technicals and was thrown out of the game, was not fined at all.

In my opinion, Rondo should have been suspended for longer, maybe 5 games. When looking at these situations, one has to compare each one to similar situations. Recently, Sacramento Kings center DaMarcus Cousins was suspended for 2 games for talking back to an announcer. I think that starting a fight which ends up in the crowd with the fans is a whole lot worse than yelling at an announcer.

The NBA did do a good job by not suspending any other players. Kris Humphries was only defending himself by shoving Rondo back and neither Kevin Garnett nor Gerald Wallace landed any punches. The Nets will only be without Brook Lopez when they play in Orlando on Friday.

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