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Gerald Wallace Fined $5,000 for Flopping

Brooklyn Nets starting small forward Gerald Wallace has been fined $5,000 by the NBA for flopping in the third quarter of Saturday’s loss to the Miami Heat. This was the second time Crash has been called out for flopping, thus evoking a $5,000 penalty. His first flop came at the end of last Monday’s win over the Manhattan Knicks.

Both cases were clearly flops and we cannot blame the NBA for cracking down on its players like this. However, it is a little bit interesting that the only two players in the entire league who have been fined so far are both on the Brooklyn Nets. Reggie Evans was fined $5,000 last week for committing his second flopping violation. Even though all the flops were punished correctly, I am wondering if these flops would have been looked at if the Nets were still playing in New Jersey without the spotlight on them.

Wallace and Evans are definitely not the only two players in the NBA who have flopped more than once this season.

Here is a video of Wallace’s latest flop. 

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