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Deron Williams 3rd Among Eastern Conference Guards in Early All-Star Voting

The NBA released the first results of the all-star voting this season with Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams in third place among eastern conference guards. The fans vote in the starters for the game, while the NBA chooses the rest of the participants, so if Deron cannot get into the top 2, it will be up to the NBA if he goes to the game or not.

Deron is behind Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo, even though neither of them have had especially good seasons to this point. Deron hasn’t either, and it is arguable that none of the players deserve a spot on the team. Deron is behind second place Rondo by about 170,000 votes and it is unlikely that he will catch Rondo.

Nets center Brook Lopez is 14th among eastern conference forwards, even though he has been the most valuable player for the Nets this season and they are 11-4 with him in the lineup. He is behind players like Andrew Bynum, who has not played a game this season and Shane Battier an average bench player for the Heat.

Even though the NBA likes getting the fans involved with the voting for the all-star team, the fans typically do a pretty bad job of picking the teams. Jrue Holiday and Anderson Varejao have both been great this season, but neither has any chance of being voted in. Meanwhile Dwight Howard will likely start for the west despite the Lakers’ disappointing start and Jeremy Lin is third in the west among guards even though he has proven to be very overrated.

The NBA all-star game will be in February in Houston, Texas.

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