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Reports: Phil Jackson Not Interested In Returning to Coach

According to Chris Sheridan, Phil Jackson has no intentions of coaching in the NBA ever again. Phil Jackson had been the number one target for Mikhail Prokhorov and the Brooklyn Nets after they fired Avery Johnson 2 weeks ago. But now it appears that Jackson does not ever want to coach the team. The Nets could have either hired him in the middle of the season or before next season. Jackson did not mention whether Brooklyn tried to contact him about coaching the team.

P.J. Carlesimo has a 6-1 record now after a blowout victory over Philadelphia last night, and if he can keep this up, expect him to be the coach until at least the end of this season and possibly longer.

However, in Sheridan’s short interview with Phil Jackson, Jackson never said that he would never join the front office of a team. Prokhorov could make Jackson a team executive in the front office in the offseason. The Nets could use Jackson as an advisor for trades and also a recruiter to bring in free agents. Jackson has been a winner wherever he has been in the NBA and he is someone who the Nets should bring in if he is willing.

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