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NBA Trade Rumors: Will There Be Another Dwightmare?!?!

According to Jarrod Rudolph of Real GM, the Brooklyn Nets may have began talking to the Los Angeles Lakers about acquiring Dwight Howard in a trade yet again. According to Rudolph, the trade the teams would be interested in also involves the Minnesota Timberwolves. In the proposed trade, the Nets would get Howard from L.A., the Timberwolves would get Brook Lopez from Brooklyn, and the Lakers would get Kevin Love from Minnesota. According to this report, the trade was close to happening but did not because Kevin Love is injured and will miss another 8-10 weeks.

However, since that article was released this morning, there have been many reports denying that the Nets are interested in talking about Howard again. One source called Rudolph’s article “total BS” and another said that the report was “not true”. According to most people with knowledge of the situation, Brooklyn is very happy with Brook Lopez and is not interested in trading him for Howard.

If the Nets had made this trade last season, they would have had to trade Lopez along with lots of draft picks in order to make a trade for Howard. Now, the situation has reversed in my mind. Lopez has been the better player of the two this season and we don’t know if Howard will ever fully recover from his back injury. If the Nets traded for Howard, I would want Brooklyn to be the team getting draft picks and other players, not the reverse.

Either way, I doubt a Howard-Lopez trade will happen. The Nets are playing too well right now to break up their team and unless something drastic happens before the trade deadline, Brook Lopez will be staying in Brooklyn.

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