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NBA All-Star 2013: Reserves Announced With NO Brooklyn Nets

Thursday night the NBA released the reserves for the 2013 all-star game prior to the Knicks-Celtics game on TNT. For the west, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Zach Randolph, David Lee, LaMarcus Aldridge, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden will be on the team. For the east, Chris Bosh, Paul George, Jrue Holiday, Kyrie Irving, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, and Tyson Chandler will travel to Houston.

Obviously, the big news for Nets fans was that no Brooklyn Net made the team. The Nets had three candidates for the team with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and the strongest candidate, Brook Lopez. This is a travesty and a disgrace. The Nets have the third best record in the eastern conference and will be tied with the Knicks if they lose in Boston tonight for 2nd place. Meanwhile, the 8th place team in the east and a team one game under .500, Boston, has two starters on the team, and a team in 12th place in the west, the Lakers, also has two starters. It’s hard to figure out what the coaches are thinking when choosing the players for the teams.

In my opinion, Deron Williams did not deserve to make the team, and that is fine. Joe Johnson could have went either way. Although he had a poor start to the season, he has been great the last two months and has made tons of big shots for one of the best teams in the east. And Brook Lopez clearly deserved a spot on the team. He is the only player in the NBA averaging 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game and has been the MVP of a good team in the first half of the season. He has gotten much better on defense and is also one of the best foul shooting big men in the NBA.

Hopefully Brook Lopez will take the disrespect he has received from the coaches and use it as motivation for him to get even better by the end of the season.

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