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Colangelo: Deron Williams was Out of Shape for Olympics

According to ESPN, Jerry Colangelo, president of USA Basketball, has said that Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams was “not in the best shape” and “a little overweight” during last year’s Olympics in London, which might have led to some of his various injuries this season. Although Deron has only missed 3 games so far, he has had nagging injuries all season and has missed the last two games before the all-star break for his ankles to hopefully heal.

Many people have been blaming, in part, the Olympics for Deron’s disappointing season. Some think that he has played too much basketball in the last 12 months. During last year’s lockout, Williams played in Turkey until the NBA season began. Then, after playing a full season, Deron played for the Olympic team and once he got back he started preparing for Brooklyn.

However, one reason Colangelo made these comments was to say that the Olympics were not at fault for Deron’s injuries; Deron is. Colangelo brought up how both Lebron James and Kevin Durant are having perhaps their best seasons ever and are not looking tired or injury-prone after the Olympics, which is a very fair point.

The part of this story that confuses me is how Deron Williams could possibly be overweight after playing that much basketball. One would expect him to gain weight by sitting at home all summer, not by playing very competitive basketball with the best players in the world. Additionally, when D-Will came into Nets training camp at the start of the season, other players and coaches raved about how he was in such great shape. There are still lots of questions left to be answered here.

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