Terrence Ross

Terrence Ross Wins Slam Dunk Contest

Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors won the Slam Dunk Contest in Houston as the finale of all-star Saturday night. Ross defeated Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz in the championship round of the competition. In Ross’s second to last dunk, he wore a 2000 Vince Carter Raptors jersey, which was pretty cool. In his last dunk, Evans jumped over one of the ball boys. Other participants in the competition were Gerald Green, James White, Eric Bledsoe, and Kenneth Faried.

Although Ross had some good dunks, this is a dying competition and many of the dunks were very average. In fact, the only dunkers I wasn’t disappointed by were Ross and former Net Gerald Green, now of the Pacers. He could have advanced to the finals, but he was not able to complete a very difficult dunk in the second round of the competition. James White of the Knicks, who had a lot of hype heading into this competition, was not impressive at all. Not to brag, but I did pick Ross to win this competition.

Ross is a rookie for Toronto and was a lottery pick in last year’s draft. Although he has had some good moments this season, he hasn’t gotten much playing time. That may change after this competition because his popularity in Toronto surely has grown.

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