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Brooklyn Nets Trade Rumors: Nets Only Want Josh Smith

In the latest update of the Josh Smith trade rumors, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports that the Brooklyn Nets are “solely focused on making a Smith deal”, meaning that they are not interested in any other trades. There were reports earlier in the day that the Atlanta Hawks believe that multiple teams are interested in acquiring Smith and the Hawks are confident that they will be able to move him by Thursday’s trade deadline. However, they have yet to decide where they want to trade him to.

According to the latest rumors, the Nets and Celtics have shown the most interest. However, the Celtics would likely need a third team involved if they want to trade for the forward. It is unclear whether or not the Nets need a third team and it is unclear which players the Nets would give up in a proposed trade. Whatever team does end up trading for Smith would expect to re-sign him in the offseason. He is still hoping to get a max contract of $90 million over 5 years, and we still don’t know whether a team wants to give him that money.

I have talked about these Smith-to-the-Nets rumors many times before and my opinion on the rumors hasn’t changed: if the Nets can get Smith for cheap (Marshon Brooks and Kris Humphries), why not. Go ahead and do the trade. However, I still don’t believe he is a great fit for the team and I would be happier if they instead traded for Paul Millsap or possibly did not make any trade at all. This team already has 30 wins and is one of the better teams in the east. Trading for Smith will not make them championship contenders overnight and I don’t know how much a trade like this will improve the team.

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