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Miami Heat Streak Ends

The Miami Heat finally lost to the Chicago Bulls tonight, 101-97 in Chicago, ending Miami’s 27-game win streak, the second longest win streak in NBA history. What makes this even more impressive or surprising is the fact that Chicago was without 3 of their key players, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Richard Hamilton.

The story here is that Miami finally lost, but the more important aspect of this game for the Brooklyn Nets is that Chicago appears to be rounding into form late in the season and will be a tough playoff matchup. If the Bulls can play this well without 3 of their key players, just imagine what they will be like when Derrick Rose is healthy.

The Nets have to hope they don’t face Chicago in the first round, because that would be a tough series. Chicago might have the best defense in the east, and defense is more important than offense in the playoffs.

Hopefully, the Nets will play Atlanta in the first round. There is a good chance that the Nets will get the 4 seed, while the Hawks will have the 5. In that scenario, the two teams will play in the first round with the Nets having home court advantage. However, if the Nets win that series, they will play Miami in the second round, and that will obviously be a very difficult series.

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